WDS-Solutions Inc.

WDSS Benoit LMR (Licensee Management Rating)

We are pleased to announce that we are moving closer to a full commercial release of the Benoit LMR Software, a joint software venture with Benoit Regulatory Compliance.

Internally, the staff at Benoit have been utilizing this tool to:

  • Corroborate the AER's LMR calculation
  • Conduct a forecast of a company‚Äôs LMR
  • Assess the potential impact of an acquisition or divestiture
  • Utilize the information to mitigate LMR security deposits

However, before proceeding to a commercial release of this product, we would like to have it tested externally. If you are interested in utilizing this product before its commercial release (without any cost to you), please contact us. Any feedback you could provide us would be greatly appreciated and will likely be incorporated in its release.