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WDSS Logger

WDSS Logger is a Real-Time Data Acquisition System that can connect to any surface or sub-surface instrumentation that uses standard Modbus Protocol.

  • Modbus protocols
    • Serial RS-485 / RS-232
    • TCP/IP
    • Serial RTU over TCP/IP is a hybrid that uses the Modbus serial protocol transmitted over a TCP/IP connection rather than a serial connection.
    • The ability to connect to multiple RTU’s sequentially or concurrently
  • Tested with the following systems
    • IPro Datalogger
    • Cameron scanner series
    • Emerson Gateways
    • Fardux Data cube and Airwaves
  • Sensors
    • A large variety of sensor and unit types. I.e. Pressure (psi, mPa,…), Mass Rate (lb/hr, kg/day,…)
    • Different physical register configurations. I.e. Float, Reverse Float, Integer, ...
    • Reading registers using function code 3 (register series 40000) or 4 (register series 30000)
    • Thresholds can be set for when a reading drops below a specified value then a minimum value will be applied. Ideal for use with gauge pressure sensors
    • Adjusting the readings to account for variations in the sensor
    • High and low alarms for both warning and danger conditions
    • Handling of non-reading values such as-9999

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