WDS-Solutions Inc.


WDSS VirtualRTU is a desktop utility that acts as a Modbus slave. It forwards data gathered in WDSS Logger to any Modbus master that queries it.

  • WDSS VirtualRTU supports the following Modbus protocols:
    • Serial RS-485 / RS-232
    • TCP/IP
  • WDSS VirtualRTU provides:
    • The ability to connect to multiple Master devices concurrently
    • Has a large variety sensor types and unit types i.e. Pressure (psi, mPa,…), Mass Rate (lb/hr, kg/day,…)
    • Different physical register configurations i.e. Float, Reverse Float, Integer, ...
    • Access to registers using function code 3 (register series 40000) or 4 (register series 30000)

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