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WDSS Prime

WDSS Prime is a website that provides real-time data surveillance for a wide range of scenarios, including: production testing, frac flowback, adjacent well monitoring during frac operations, pipeline pigging operations and anything else that requires the user to see the results of their operations in real-time.

WDSS Prime provides the end user with the following tools:

  • Dash Panels
    • The Dash Panel provides the best visual representation of real-time data as it's sent from the field. Within a Dash Panel you can display plots, background images, digital and analog gauges.
  • Activity log
    • Provides a ranged summary of all remarks sent to the website in ascending or descending order. The summary can be exported as a comma separated value (.csv) file.
  • Worksheet
    • The worksheet provides a tabular listing of the sensor data. The sensor data can be filtered and exported as a comma separated value (.csv) file.
  • Digital Gauges
    • A quick view of 8 sensors as digital readings. It can be used to configure the gauge view for the mobile apps.
  • File Download
    • The download page allows you to retrieve files posted to the website by the operators.
    • Files can be uploaded to the website by using WDSS Transmitter, which supports automatic and multi file uploads.
  • Security
    • The WDSS prime website uses SHA256 bit encryption, with an additional three tiers of user authentication.
  • Vendor neutral communications
    • WDSS is committed to being communication vendor neutral, meaning you choose which communications vendor best meets your requirements for providing internet access at your location.
  • User Administration
    • Managing accounts and users on the WDSS Prime website is very simple. It is divided into tree parts:
      • Contact / user management system
      • Managing accounts, jobs and entities
      • Sensor configuration

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