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WDSS DashBoard

WDSS DashBoard is a standalone database production testing solution for data collection, calculation and reporting. Capture production tests, frac flowback and bottom hole data in real-time or as manual entry. Quickly generate detailed plots and worksheets for analysis and professional reports.

  • Real-time Data Acquisition
    • Monitor the data acquisition and resulting calculations in real-time.
    • Using WDSS Logger, connect to any surface or sub-surface instrumentation that uses the Modbus Protocol.
  • Use the Cloud to Monitor Test in Real-Time
    • With WDSS DashBoard's integrated connection to the WDSS Prime website, you and your clients can securely monitor operations as they progress.
  • Gas Calculations
    • Gas rates can be calculated using any of the following meter types:
      • AGA 3 / API 2530-92 Orifice meter
      • AGA 11 Coriolis meter
      • Cone meter
      • Flow prover & Choke
      • Flow computer measured rates and volumes
    • Gas properties can be calculated using:
      • AGA 8 Detail or Gross methods
      • Benedict Webb Rubin equation of state method (BWR)
    • Monitor a co-mingled mixture of any of these 3 (N2, CO2, C1, C2, C3) frac gases and report net reservoir gas.
  • Fluid Calculations
    • Fluid rates can be calculated using any of the following meter types:
      • Coriolis meter
      • Tank level meter
      • Flow computer measured rates and volumes
    • Oil shrinkage, GOR2 and liberated gas are calculated using:
      • ASTM 1250D for API
      • Vasquez & Beggs
      • AlMarhoun
    • Separate fluid production into oil (stock tank equivalence), water, sediment and proppant.
  • Reporting
    • Start a new job immediately by cloning a previous job.
    • Create multiple worksheets to simplify the viewing of data and results.
    • Create multiple plots emphasizing trends and diagnostics.
    • Prepare custom documents to be included in reports.
    • Securely transfer reports and other files to WDSS Prime website for access by your clients.
    • AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) PAS (Pressure ASCII Standard) formatting for submitting.

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