Are you able to access and view well data in real time anywhere in the world?

At WDS Solutions Inc. we provide our clients with cutting edge software solutions, allowing your operation’s team to gather, live-stream, and analyze data from the field in their office, in real time. Our portfolio of data-acquisition, production testing, and data streaming software lets our customers make more responsive decisions, increase operational efficiency, and improve data accuracy.

Oct 2

On Saturday, October 2 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Alberta Time, our building operator is conducting their annual power shut down and electrical upgrade, there will be interruption to Prime and Licensing during that time. If there is any change in scheduling from our building, we will let you know.

A Real-Time Data Acquisition System that can connect to any surface or sub-surface instrumentation that uses standard Modbus Protocol.

A standalone database production testing solution for data collection, calculation and customized reporting.

A website that provides real-time data surveillance for a wide range of scenarios.

From Well to Web


By limiting travel with remote monitoring


Supervisors are managing operations rather than data entry


Create well-defined & optimized field development strategies


Reduce operating cost and improve efficiency